A list of some of the conditions we treat include:

             Corrective spinal care for patients of all ages*, acute  care and trauma, chronic conditions, athletic and sports injuries, auto  accident injuries, work injuries, non-spinal conditions, and we have a  subspecialty in conservative foot care and orthotics.
       *See the Results page for X-rays showing structural correction or clicking the find out more button below.

            We take pride in the state-of-the-art Chiropractic health  care that we have provided to our patients over our 30 years in practice  in this area. We also strive to offer flexible and convenient  appointment scheduling to enable our patients to maximize their results  by being able to conveniently get in for care in accordance with their  needs.

            We have a referral practice and we have grown thanks to the  support of our satisfied patients. Due to the high standard of care that  we provide and the unique work that we do, we also receive many Medical  as well as Chiropractic referrals.

            Our office also accepts insurance assignment for  those individuals with coverage for the services that we provide. Feel  free to contact us at the above number if you would like for us to check  your insurance coverage. For those without insurance coverage, we offer  affordable fees and payment plans to further assist our patients in  receiving the care that they need. We also accept all  major credit cards. 

            Please feel free to call our office at the number above if  there are any questions we can answer, or feel free to contact Dr. Jay  Silverman at drjsilverman@earthlink.net if you prefer. 

            We hope you enjoy your visit to our site.