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"If  one of the goals of your care is not structural correction like this,  you are not fixing the problem. I was the fifth doctor this patient saw,  but the first doctor to correct the curve of her neck...and the first  to get rid of her neck pain and her headaches"

 Welcome  to the web site for the practice of Dr. Jay Silverman. As you will  hopefully discover, we take pride in the healthcare that we provide to  our patients. We work hard to help our patients achieve their healthcare  goals.

            In addition to providing most of the services available at  many Chiropractic offices, we also offer corrective spinal care that is  very unique. This work is based on the volumes of research produced by  Dr. Don Harrison, who created Chiropractic  Biophysics (CBP), and his colleagues over the past 18-20 years. This is  the most-named technique in the Index Medicus (all published medical  journals) and the most scientifically validated technique in  Chiropractic.

            As you explore our site, you can learn about us, our  practice, our patient education classes and you will see many  pre-treatment and post-treatment X-Rays, all of which are X-Rays of our patients taken at our office. The  X-Rays show some of the tremendous amounts of spinal correction that  modern research, equipment and truly current treatment techniques have  enabled us to regularly achieve for our patients.

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Though we are not in the office on Thursdays, we do check that day for messages. Also, Dr. Silverman can be paged through the voicemail system if needed.

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19231 Victory Blvd, Suite 557, Reseda, CA 91335, US

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