Jay T. Silverman, D.C.

19231 Victory Boulevard, Suite 557
            Reseda, California 91335
            (818) 774-3535

Doctor of Chiropractic, Private Practice for 33 years

            Bachelor of Science, Biology with an emphasis in Kinesiology
            and Biomechanics

            California College Teaching Credential, Biologic Sciences and Health and Physical Care Services

            Dr. Silverman has provided state of the arts Chiropractic  care in this area for 33 years. He has built a busy referral practice in  that time, always staying current with research for advances in  diagnosis and treatment. Our office takes pride in the quality of health  care that we provide to our patients. Dr. Silverman has always received  many Medical as well as Chiropractic referrals.

            As well as providing all the standard services available at  most Chiropractic offices, we also offer corrective spinal care. Only a  small percentage of Chiropractic offices offer this type of care. Based  entirely on extensive research, this care is very unique in both its  implementation and its results. Inclusion of this care offers our  patients the opportunity for spinal correction that far exceeds what we  used to think was even possible. Please see the Results pages on our web  site for labeled pictures of comparative X-rays from some of our  patients.

            Dr. Silverman has also been involved in community service  over the years. He has volunteered his services for youth athletics in  many capacities, including working as an on-field doctor as well as having done  sports participation physicals. He has also been a preceptor faculty  member for the Los Angeles College of Chiropractic, training interns.

            Additionally, Dr. Silverman has lectured to industry, organizations and schools about  topics such as biomechanics, injury treatment, corrective care and workplace injury prevention. He also  teaches a class at his office about biomechanics and the structural  corrective care that he performs. These classes have educated patients, professionals, and Medical as well as Chiropractic doctors. For more information on this class, please see the Patient Class page on our web site. Please  feel free to call our office at the above number if you have any  questions, or you may e-mail questions to Dr. Silverman at: